Guitar for Beginners : Volume 1

Welcome to Guitar 101. In this course, we take you to the magical world of exploring the guitar first hand. This is a step by step online course that will guide you through the absolute basics of playing guitar.

Akhilesh Kumar takes you through this journey of understanding the guitar, from its parts, tuning a guitar, Left and Right-hand techniques and at the end of it, help you play simple songs both with chords or melody.


What do I need to start this course?


For this course, you do not need any prior experience to playing the guitar. All you would need is an acoustic or electric guitar and take up these lessons one by one, completing it at your own convenience. Even if you can play a guitar, this course is a great way to brush up on the basics and make sure you have your fundamentals right.


Who is this for?


This is an entry level online course for beginners. The curriculum was crafted by our team of Mentors, giving you the absolute necessary steps needed to progress in your journey as a musician. The class will set you up to quickly advance as a guitarist and avoid bad practices that usually slow down entry level guitarists.


How to best navigate this course?


A great way to approach this course is to watch an entire lesson, then go back and practice it at your own pace before jumping to the next.
Tabs and chord charts are shown to you, over the video which helps you visualize the material instantly.
Choose your preferred language by clicking the subtitles button on your video.
There is a “Menu” button on your top left to help you browse through the rest of your lessons. Once you complete a particular class, Press “Complete” and move ahead.