Improvising Using Triads : Naveen Thomas

Naveen Thomas


Naveen Thomas is one of the pioneering rock guitar players from the South of India. He has now moved to London, but has been playing for popular artists such as Raghu Dixit and Suraj Mani. He plays across genres of music and is endorsed by Gibson Guitars since 2008.

Your Class Rundown


Here’s a quick lesson, using two chords – C major and F major played as triads across the neck forming a quick fun melody. An offshoot from the Triads course, Naveen explains a quick use of triadic playing adding spice to simple chords.

What do I need to start this class ?


All you need is a guitar, Electric or Acoustic.

Who is this for?

This is an intermediate class. To understand this lesson, you would need to know your basic chord shapes and have fluency in playing melodies with a few techniques like hammer ons or pull offs. Triads are the most basic form of a chord and so with practise this would be easy to pickup for an intermediate guitar player.