Travis Picking – Joel Sakkari

Joel Sakkari


Joel Sakkari is a Session Musician/Producer and Guitar faculty at Rainbow Bridge Music School. His Acoustic Guitar playing comprises of genres like Folk, Country, Blues and Jazz. He is also a part of Synth Pop duo Droolfox and a guitarist for Indie Folk artist Vasu Dixit.


Your Class Rundown:

In this class we learn a very unique technique called Travis Picking, which is very widely popular Folk & Country musicians. This techniques involves developing your right hand fingers to work independently of each other while the thumb maintains a strong rhythm and bass.

What do I need to start this course?

This is an intermediate level class, one needs to be fluent with chords, right and left hand co-ordination to proceed with this technique.


Who is this for?

This class is for someone who wants to progress into finger style playing eventually.